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Ottoman & Footstool

As multifunctional furniture suitable for different spaces and occasions, the Ottoman can be used as a small storage footstool, a modern Ottoman coffee table, a side table, a soft Ottoman pouf, an extra seat or a small storage box. The Ottoman & footstool from Fuleague has a variety of styles, colours, materials and functions to choose from, this small furniture that combines excellent design with good materials and high-quality workmanship not only take into account the practicality but also add a personalized artistic atmosphere to your living room, bedroom, game room and other spaces.

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What's the Difference Between Footstool and Ottoman?

Ottoman usually maintains a coordinated or consistent style with an accent chair, armchair, lounge chair in design and upholstery, so that it can be used with a chair.

For example, the combination of the Eames lounge chair and ottoman is a complete match. 

The footstool or stool is an independent design and does not need to be matched with a special chair, nor does it have to be upholstered. Take Butterfly Stool as an example. It is a standalone stool and can also be used as a small side coffee table.

Where to Buy Modern Leather Ottoman?

Not no big size and easy cleaning feature allow the leather ottoman to be easily moved to any place you want to stay in your living room, bedroom, balcony and other spaces. While bringing you comfort and practicality, high-quality leather Upholstery adds a natural and luxurious atmosphere to your space;

Fuleague only selects top-grain and full-grain leat​her to make genuine leather ottoman and genuine leather footstool, and we only select excellent modern classic designs, combined with our high-standard production technology and efficient and reliable international logistics system so that every customer can easily buy high-quality modern leather Ottoman from Fuleague.

How Do I Choose a Good Ottoman?

Ottoman, this multifunctional furniture, is not limited to being an extra seat or furniture to support your feet, but can also be used as a fabric ottoman coffee table next to a chair, so Ottoman has always been very popular. Choosing the right Ottoman not only makes your life convenient and comfortable, but a good Ottoman can also completely change the appearance of the space;

If you are considering buying a new Ottoman, here are some suggestions for your reference to help you choose a good Ottoman. We think the one you like and the one that suits you will be the best choice.

First of all, you can decide the purpose of the Ottoman first. If you plan to use it with a chair, it is best to order it together with the chair, such as eames lounge chair and ottoman, field lounge chair and ottoman set, and Oslo chair and Ottoman. If you want to use it As a coffee table or side table, you can consider choosing a hard material and relatively flat Ottoman & stool, such as Butterfly Stool or Prince Stool.

Your budget also sets a range of choices. Currently, Fuleague offers a wide range of unit prices from $29-$800. In this case, it does not necessarily mean that you only pursue a low target price. Instead, choose the style that suits you according to your preferences and actual needs. You also need to consider the matching chair, sofa and space style, such as high-end full grain leather sofa and chair set, which need to be matched with the same high standard leather Ottoman. The combination of fabric sofa and chairs require an Ottoman with Fabric Upholstery.

The chosen Ottoman style needs to correspond to the other furniture styles in the user space, otherwise, it will create a sense of inconsistent conflict visually. Most of the Ottoman we provide are of modern style design, so they are more matched with modern style home environment, rather than Antique style. Of course, at the same time, colour matching and coordination are also very important considerations.

There are also some interesting designs, such as carry on fabric pouf ottoman, nector pouf, prince stool, these items are not only very practical but also add a piece of fun to your space. Hope you can choose a good Ottoman in Fuleague based on these points.

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