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 Delivery time 

For stock goods, we will deliver 1-2 working days after confirm the order.

For pre-order goods, after confirming the order, we will arrange production, complete and Ship it out within 2-4 weeks; before confirming the order, please check carefully whether the delivery date marked on the web page is acceptable or not;

 Shipping Method 

Goods are produced according to your order, and according to the quantity of your order, you can choose different shipping method (By sea, By air, CHINA RAILWAY Express(To Europe), etc.), so that you can safely and conveniently receive the goods while saving the most cost, and can cover most countries and regions around the world; Of course, if you are a bulk buyer, you'd better find a local freight forwarder to handle shipping matters.

DDPShipping by sea to the sea port first, then UPS or Truck deliver to your door. 

CIF, Ship the goods to the nearest port by sea, the local forwarder will provide you with pick-up and customs clearance service, which is suitable for bulk orders with a total volume of more than two cubic meters but less than a whole container, according to different destinations, it will take about 1-4 weeks to arrive after the goods are sent out;

FOB, the goods are delivered at the port of departure, the buyer's shipping agent will arrange the whole shipping from the port of departure; this way is only for the whole container order, and have their own forwarder buyers;

Ex-Works, your shipping agent will arrange to pick up the goods from our factory and arrange the transportation; suitable for buyers with their own forwarder;

although most of our orders arrive within the shown delivery time, the shipping time can only be used as an honest estimate due to the existence of multiple variables in the shipping process. are not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense related to any delay in transportation or delivery; please contact us when confirming the order and confirm all details in advance to ensure the smooth delivery of the goods;

 Shipping costs 

According to the packing size and weight of the goods in your order, and the Shipping Method and destination you choose, the system will automatically calculate the Shiping cost when you submit the order. If you are not sure which Shipping Method is suitable for your order, please contact us, we will recommend the best shipping method according to your request;

DDPThe delivery fee include all the freight cost from our factory to your door, also include the import duties in your country.

CIF, Shipping cost includes the cost from our factory or warehouse to your destination port, but not include the cost of the destination port and pick up the goods to your door, when the goods arrive at the port of destination, the local forwarder will handle all the local case for you, and will charge the related local fees to you. These can also be handled by the buyer's own forwarder.

FOB, for the order that the total volume reaches a whole container (one 20’ container loads 28 CBM, one 40’ container load 56 CBM), we will charge all the cost from the factory to departure port; the buyer charge the cost of ocean shipping and destination port.

Ex-works, we will not charge all the cost after any goods leave the factory; the buyer and the forwarder will deal with the shipping and charge all the cost;

Once the goods leave our factory or warehouse, including damaged or defective goods, the shipping fee will not be refunded. At the same time, the customer has the responsibility to follow up the order from delivery to delivery.

 Order Status 

You can log in, click Member Center, and check the order processing progress in my order, you can also send email to us and inquire order status;

 Payment Method 

only when the order to complete the payment is considered valid, we will arrange the production according to your order after receiving the payment. USD settlements are currently used and the following payment methods are available:

Pay Online, It is provided by the Paypal, you can only pay online with your paypal account number;

By T/T, bank transfer to our company account numberin HSBC bank, after the completion of the transfer, You need to send the bill to the, and need to indicate the order number. our customer service team will reply your email in time, arrange the production and follow up your order; 

 Returned goods 

if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, can send us email to, our team will provide you with all details of the return. our team will refund for you once the returned products return to our warehouse in good condition.

In order to process your return as soon as possible, we asked the warehouse team to clearly mark your order number on all boxes. Please note that the shipping of the returned goods should be arranged and covered by the customer independently, and the products will be returned to our warehouse within 30 days from the date of delivery or delivery. like most return policies, we can only accept the original package and new status of return products. This means that no products with scratches, stains, damage or modifications are returned. please note that the carrier will not be able to refund the shipping cost in the original order after providing these services.

we can only refund by the original method used for order payment. If the original payment method is no longer available, we will be happy to provide you with a store credit line equal to the refund amount.


Refund can only be made by original purchase. If the original payment method is no longer available, we will issue the store credit line equal to the refund amount. it may take up to 5 working days to show credit. Fuleague is not responsible for third party expenses. No refund is granted for returns received more than 30 days from the date of receipt and/or returns not received in the original state.

 Damaged or defective items 

We always attach importance to and strictly control the quality of the products sold. Although rare, damage and defects do occur occasionally.

  • ​Inspection of items on delivery
  • ​If damage is found, accept delivery and sign with carrier for "damage upon arrival"
  • ​Shoot items and packaging.
  • ​If items are structurally damaged and completely unusable, refuse to ship them
  • ​Do not reject undamaged items, you will bear all re-delivery charges including but not limited to storage charges
  • Tto file a claim, please send email to, and include all the pictures.
  • ​Claims received more than (3) calendar days after delivery will not be admissible
  • ​Photos must be clear and attached to your claim within (3) calendar days
  • ​we will decide as appropriate to send replacement products by standard shipping, provide defect discount or provide local maintenance reimbursement. If replaced, all items with structural damage and/or identified unserviceability will be replaced, where possible, with inventory; items with aesthetic defects will be replaced by custom orders.
  • ​Customer may be responsible for the transportation of any labor and/or parts
  • ​Fuleague furniture is for indoor use only and will not bear the cost of damaged or defective items resulting from customer negligence unless specified
  • ​If you do not accept any of our solutions to the case, you will be responsible for the safe return of these items in accordance with our "buyer's" regret "policy
  • ​Fuleague reserves the right to cancel and return in full damaged or defective items at any time and deduct all relevant freight charges if Fuleague believe that all solution attempts have failed

 Cancellation of orders 

You can cancel the order before we send out the goods, if the order has left the warehouse, then cancel the order will bear any cost of the original logistics and reverse logistics, and will be treated as return according to our buyer regret policy. if the custom order has entered the production stage ,50% of the paid balance will no longer be refunded. If the cancelled order contains a voucher, the voucher is considered invalid and will not be restored.

 Commercial warranty 

How long is the insurance period?

The warranty period is two years from the date of delivery.

what will Fuleague do?

according to the problem, it may involve shipping replacement parts to you, organizing maintenance or complete replacement (at our decision). Fuleague will provide replacement parts free of charge, the delivery time is 2-6 weeks. Customer is responsible for any labor and/or transportation costs for replacement parts. As an alternative solution to replacement parts, the Fuleague will reimburse local maintenance costs if:

1) repair service quotation is first approved by the Fuleague 2) can not guarantee that the local maintenance service can complete the work, in the case of unsatisfactory maintenance work, can not claim further compensation.

What does the warranty scope not include?

This warranty does not cover soft parts, marble, paint, leather, fabric, fiberglass, polypropylene, foam, plywood, trim panels and coating materials. Warranty is only valid when the product is used for its intended purpose and shows normal use. If the product damage is caused by reasons beyond the normal wear range, it is not covered by warranty. Fuleague furniture not explicitly designated for outdoor use does not cover damage or defects caused by outdoor use. any problems caused by other abuses, abuses or acts of god (e.g. floods) are not included. irrecoverable indirect and incidental losses within the scope of this warranty. If you sell or transfer furniture, the coverage is terminated.

How do you get the service?

for any warranty inquiry, please contact us via email to to ensure that it includes your order number, problem description as well as product pictures or videos.