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What Are the Characteristics of the Eames Chair?

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Chairs are products that many people use in their daily lives. It can be said that besides the bed, the chair is the furniture we have been in contact with for the longest time. When we go to work, we sit on a chair to work, and when we go home, we also sit on a chair to deal with things. What are the characteristics of the Eames chair?

1. Get to know the Eames chair

The Eames chair is a classic dining chair designed by the Eames couple in US in 1956. The Eames chair was designed by Charlie and Ray Eames and has become the permanent collection of MOMA, the most important modern art museum in the United States!

Key points of the comfort of the Eames chair: 1. Seat height: it should be equal to the length of the calf. After user is sitting down, the calf will droop naturally, and the sole of the foot will fall on the ground. If it is too high, the lower leg hangs, and thus there is too much pressure under the thigh, which may cause problem after a long time; if the seat surface is too low, the thigh can not be placed on the seat surface, the weight of the human body is concentrated on the buttocks, and it will be uncomfortable for a long time. 2. The material of the chair surface and the back of the chair: Both should be of "flexible outside and rigid inside"-the holder should be strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of elastic layer. The outermost material in contact with the human body should be breathable, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and not easy to generate static electricity with the human body or clothing. 3. Chair back: It is best to support all or part of the waist, back and neck. The longer the chair is used, the better it can support. Because the dining chair is only used during meals, the neck part can be ignored, while it is necessary to take care of all parts when designing the office chair.

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2. What are the characteristics of the Eames chair?

Compared with multi-person chairs and sofas that use more space and occupy a large area, single chairs are more versatile. The single chair of the Eames chair has different functions and uses in the use of space due to the different shape of the circle back. If used properly, it can reflect the personality of the owner. If it is not used properly, it will be self-defeating; High back single chair is suitable for home use, which can convey a casual and relaxing home atmosphere; chair with streamlined design, strong color contrast and strong visual beauty, is very suitable for single nobles or studios; it is suitable to place lounge chairs, recliners, rocking chairs with strong personal style in a corner of the space or on the balcony as a transition station for mood.

The Eames chair has the characteristics and features of a normal chair, but at the same time its unique appearance makes it unsuitable for the use of two people, but this does not affect its performance at all. Its cost is low, and its actual weight is light, which can ensure our using experience. It is a practical product and it is worth using.

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