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What Are the Advantages of Dark Brown Wood Dining Chairs?

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dark brown wood dining chairs by fuleague

The dining chairs used in general households are all made of solid wood. The types of solid wood vary widely, and so do the styles. So is its variability the reason why people like solid wood dining chairs? So what are the advantages of dark brown wood dining chairs? What are the precautions for buying dark brown wood dining chairs?

1. How to determine the size of solid wood dining chairs?

If the dining chair is too high or too low, you will feel uncomfortable when eating, and if the dining chair is too high, it will make your back and feet hurt. The height of the dining chair with cushion is generally about 410mm. The seat and back of the dining chair should be straight (even if there is an inclination, 2° to 3° is appropriate). The seat cushion is about 20mm thick, and even the bottom plate is no more than 25mm thick. Some dining chairs have a cushion of 50mm, and there are snake-shaped slingshots below. Sitting on this dining chair for dinner is not as comfortable as the aforementioned chairs.

The standard height of the dining table is about 72 cm. This is the appropriate height of the table. Generally, the height of the solid wood leather dining chair is 45 cm, which is more comfortable, and the width of the seat is between 40 and 56 cm. At present, the height of dining chairs on the market is somewhat different. When choosing, it is best to try sitting first to see if it is suitable for the height of the dining table.

2. The advantages of dark brown wood dining chairs

The biggest advantage of the dark brown wood dining chair is the natural wood grain and the natural color of dark brown. When the two are matched, the aesthetic degree is really high. It is a perfect decoration at home. However, solid wood is easy to get damp and easy to absorb dust in the texture of the wood. Therefore, it is best to place it in an environment with suitable temperature and humidity, and put it away from places with strong air flow, and do not place it near the heater or exposed to sunlight. If you want to buy dark brown wood dining chairs online, then Fuleague home furnishing online store would be a good choice.

3. Precautions for the purchase of solid wood dining chairs

First of all, the solid wood dining chair is not just a dining table of one material. There are many kinds of solid wood. Different materials of solid wood have different characteristics, and of course there are advantages and disadvantages. So what kind of solid wood dining chair is good? This requires us to have a certain understanding of the material of different solid wood. Dark brown wood dining chairs are used as furniture for a specific purpose in a specific environment in the restaurant, and it is best to choose materials with characteristics such as anti-corrosion, wear resistance, easy to clean, and heat resistance.

Secondly, before buying a dark brown wood dining chair, we also need to determine how big our dining area is, so that we can better decide the size and shape of the solid wood dining chair. Rectangular solid wood dining chairs have larger requirements on the dining area. Relatively speaking, round solid wood dining chairs have lower requirements on the dining area. Irregular ones are smaller and more suitable for two people. And foldable solid wood dining chair doesn't have so many requirements, and it is more flexible.

Again, when buying dark brown wood dining chairs, we should also decide whether the dark brown color is in combination with the overall style of the restaurant decoration. Due to the particularity of its material, solid wood furniture is not as complicated as other materials in its processing. People have always liked solid wood furniture with original ecology and natural form. Therefore, in terms of solid wood dining chairs, we should also choose the product according to our own home environment.

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