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Repair and Treatment Methods for Aging, Hardening and Cracking of Leather Sofas

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Many people use leather sofas at home. Although leather sofas are durable, they also age. When the sofa ages, there will be small fine lines or large cracks on the surface. Although aging is a normal phenomenon, it is necessary to change a set of genuine leather. At least the sofa needs tens of thousands of oceans, and it is better to find a way to repair the leather sofa.

I. Leather sofa aging, hardening, cracking and repairing methods

1. Find the soft side of the leather sofa and lay it flat, coat it with leather simulation oil, and let it dry naturally. After 2 to 3 injections of the leather simulation oil, if it still remains soft, place it in the sofa with the shape of the corner of the sofa. Similar to the elastic soft object, the elastic soft object is used like cotton, and the leather is gently tapped to obtain the effect of loosening the fibers in the vibrating leather, that is, the effect of releasing the fiber bonding, and then apply the leather simulation oil. Repeatedly, after repeated epithelium simulation oil, the sofa leather will become soft. Other hardened leathers, such as leather sofas, leather beds, etc., are treated with the same principle. Want to buy genuine leather sofa online? Fuleague home furniture online store would be a great choice!

2. However, the above method is only suitable for leather sofas that harden due to the loss of leather simulation oil due to water or long-term storage. It is not suitable for leather that has aged and lost its skin function and hardened. It is also not suitable for glazing with paint to make the paint pass through the leather. Pores enter the skin and fill the dermis with hardened fibrous pores inside the dermis. Because the pores are gone, in this case, the original softness of the leather cannot be restored. It is also not suitable for the hardened leather coated with the outer film that closes the pores of the leather, because it is difficult for the leather simulation oil to enter after the hair eyes are closed. So when you do home furnishing online shopping, you need to be careful.

3. In short, although the leather sofa becomes hard, it will be effective as long as the leather simulation oil can penetrate into the fiber surface inside the leather for the leather that has not lost its function. However, it is a wrong approach to rub the skin with both hands or other external forces before there is no epithelial simulation oil. The price is to break the inner fibers of the dermis, which greatly reduces the mechanical strength of the dermis such as tensile strength, tear strength, grain cracking strength, etc., and even cracks quickly, so the dermis cannot be softened by external force.

II. How to repair the peeling leather sofa

The peeling of the leather sofa is generally caused by improper maintenance in daily life, resulting in serious degreasing of the leather, and then causing peeling. So how to solve this phenomenon, we first need to use a leather-specific cleaner to clean the sofa, and then dry or dry it. Then use anionic leather repair cream to repair the cracks on the peeling part of the leather sofa, spray the repaired part with sealant, and then dry it.

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