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Rattan Outdoor Dining Chairs Are More Suitable for Casual Dining

By: | By:Fuleague | Published time: 2022-03-21 | 1232 Views | Share:

1. Rattan outdoor dining chairs are more suitable for casual dining

There are many choices of outdoor dining chairs. Plastic wood dining chairs are suitable for coffee shops, milk tea shops, cold drink shops, commercial streets and other leisure venues and restaurants. Rattan outdoor dining chairs are suitable for casual restaurants in high-end places such as western restaurants. Solid wood dining chairs are suitable for recreational restaurants such as barbecues and bars.

Therefore, the selection of outdoor dining chairs and indoor dining chairs are also different due to the different use environments. Rattan outdoor dining chairs seem to be more popular with people. This is not only because the rattan outdoor dining chairs are made of natural materials, which are healthy and environmentally friendly, but also because the rattan outdoor dining chairs pay more attention to the shape and are very beautiful. But it should be noted that, although the dining chairs made of pure natural materials have superior performance, they are still vulnerable to long-term exposure to sun and rain. Therefore, if there are snowy or rainy days or days with high humidity, the rattan outdoor dining chairs still need to be put away from outsides.

2. How to choose rattan outdoor dining chairs?

The professional rattan outdoor dining chairs have undergone strict processing, and has good flexibility, strong air permeability, natural texture, refreshing feel, and is comfortable and unique, and ergonomic. The leisure rattan outdoor dining chairs have the advantages of simple and elegant color, beautiful appearance, light structure, elegant appearance, tough texture, simple and natural, etc. In appearance, the leisure rattan outdoor dining chairs are elegant, plain, beautiful, close to nature, and have a high aesthetic degree. You could buy rattan outdoor dining chairs in home furniture online shop.

(1) The rattan outdoor dining chairs are comfortable, and its height should match the height of the dining table and the height of the user. Usually, the distance between the seat surface of the chair and the surface of the dining table is 28 to 30 cm. For the convenience of users, the distance between the seat surface and the bottom of the dining table is at least 17cm. Generally speaking, if you can sit on a chair with your arms resting comfortably on the table top without feeling your shoulders hunched, it is the right height. Fuleague could provide you rattan outdoor dining chairs at an affordable price, buy now!

(2) The size of the rattan outdoor dining chair depends on the size of the restaurant space. If the space is large enough, a large armchair is appropriate, while a small dining chair is more suitable for small spaces.

(3) In addition to the combination of rattan outdoor dining chairs and rattan outdoor dining tables, consumers should pay special attention to whether the lines of the back of the chairs are beautiful, smooth and safe. These points can be inspected by eye observation and trial sitting.

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