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How to Choose the Height of the Office Chair?

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1. Important office chairs

For office workers, a comfortable chair is very important. In particular, some white-collar workers basically work in office chairs during working hours. If the chair is not comfortable enough, it will easily cause back pain. We often hear that white-collar workers feel back pain, part of the reason is that they have not been active for a long time and have been sitting in a chair. Another part of the reason is that the height of the office chair is not suitable, which makes the back excessively stretched. It can be seen that the height of the office chair is very important for everyone who uses an office chair.

2. What is the best height of the office chair?

From working hours, we need to sit in office chairs for a whole day. If there is no proper sitting posture, it will affect our health for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to have a correct sitting posture and a suitable seat height. .

The height of the office chair refers to the vertical distance from the seat surface to the ground. If the seat surface is tilted backward or has a concave arc shape, the seat height refers to the vertical distance from the center point of the front of the seat to the ground. The appropriate height of the seat varies depending on the height of the individual. If the seat height is too high, the feet will not be able to touch the ground, and the weight will compress the blood vessels of the thighs, hinder the blood circulation of the whole body, and easily cause the fatigue of the whole body and the numbness of the legs; It will cause upper body soreness and discomfort. You could buy an eames like office chair which is quite comfortable.

The height of the best office chair is the height of the calf socket to the sole of the foot plus the heel thickness of 25 to 35mm, and then minus the activity margin of 10 to 20mm, that is: H1 (height) = calf socket height + heel thickness - appropriate gap. The actual seat test is to sit in front of a table with your hands on the table and your elbows should be exactly 90° bent.

There are also international standards for the height of tables and chairs, as follows: the standard GB3326-1997 stipulates that H1 (seat height) is 400 to 440mm, and the size difference ΔS is 10mm. The maximum height of the soft seat surface is 460mm (excluding the subsidence of the seat surface). The height of the sofa seat can be lower, so that the legs can be stretched forward and the backrest can be tilted back, which is conducive to the natural state of the spine. The seat height of the sofa is generally 360 to 420mm.

We sit in an office chair that fits our height and must make us feel very comfortable. We spend more time at the office than at home, and it can be hard for us to be uncomfortable. Although there is an international standard for the height of office chairs, the editor thinks that everyone's physical fitness and situation are different. If everyone uses the same height, it may not be suitable. The most important thing is to choose a suitable height for you.

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