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Home Light

Fuleague have own lamp factory, which can produce different styles, different materials, and different types of home lights and lamps. At present, we can mainly supply table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps; these lamps can be used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and some commercial spaces. , such as hotels, restaurants, offices, bars, clubs, etc.; We can also customize and develop the style you need according to the customer's lamp design and requirement. As a professional indoor and outdoor lighting online shop, Fuleague always provides customers with high-quality home lamps and lights!

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Pendant Lamps

The pendant lamps or chandelier is the main light source for your living room and dining room. What hangs on the ceiling in the center of the living room is not only a lighting, but also a manifestation of the owner's taste;When a good pendant lamp or chandelier hangs in your restaurant, there is no doubt that you will enjoy a pleasant meal time every day;Of course, these Fuleague hanging lamps will also be a good choice for lighting above your bar;

Floor Lamps

The standing lamps is the best match beside the living room sofa and the Accent chair. The fuleague floor lamps not only provide you with a comfortable light environment, but these beautiful shapes will also become the focal point of your living room. Combining the sofa and other furniture to create a modern and classic living room space allows you and your family to gather and rest in a warm, relaxed and comfortable evening;

Table Lamps

Choose a table light you like to make the bedroom night warm and comfortable, and let yourself enjoy the quiet night before going to bed.When these beautiful table lamps are placed on the side table in the living room,It will also be a good supplement and decoration for the living room lighting.Of course, the Tolomeo series lamp will also be a good choice for your desk. It will be a good companion when you read, work, surf the Internet or play online games at night.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting


Fuleague only supplies designer lamps. These styles not only illuminate your space, but also decorate your space. These indoor and outdoor lighting present a modern, luxurious and artistic atmosphere to your space. Combined with the most advanced production technology, the surface of our home lights and lamps can be oxidized into different colors of aluminum. In addition, chrome-plated, polished or brushed stainless steel, painted steel, bright crystal, natural shells, glass of various colors and shapes, fabric with different textures,and other materials can also be applied to Fuleague Indoor & Outdoor Lighting through excellent designs and high-quality standard production processes. Different light types and styles are all available here!


Wall Lamps

sconce lights will save you some space. When these well-designed styles are installed on the wall of your bedroom bedside, living room sofa, porch, etc., the light is reflected and refracted through the decorative parts and the wall to the entire space, creating an impressive Intoxicating environment;

When you choose a lamp from Fuleague, it is not only a light source, but an artistic decoration and a happy and warm evening for your space.

Ceiling Lamps

If your space height is not so high, you can choose a ceiling lamp installed close to the ceiling; If you have a living room with a height of more than 5 meters, then choose a chandelier light with a suspension height of more than 2 meters, countless shells, artistic glass, small steel sheets, feathers, fabric etc, the light bodies composed of different materials refract the light softly and uniformly to the entire space, Such an atmosphere will attract and move everyone. In the past 15 years, we have developed and produced ultra-conventional ceiling lamps and chandeliers for many hotels, clubs, bars, and event lobbies. These projects have been very successful.

A: Yes, there are installation instructions and drawings in the package, it is very simple and easy.
Q: Can these pendant lamps, chandeliers and ceiling lamps be easily installed in my living room and dining room?
Q: Can you produce lights for our project according to our design?
Q: Do these lights and lamps comply with UL standards for U.S. market?
A: Yes, we will produce and send the corresponding lights according to the electrical standards of the country where the consignee is located, such as the US UL        standard, voltage 120V, US plug and E26 lamp holder
Q: Do these lights and lamps comply with CE standards for Europe market?
A: Yes, we will produce and send the corresponding lights according to the electrical standards of the country where the consignee is located, such as the CE standard for Europe, voltage 220V, CE plug and E27 lamp holder.
A: Of course, please send us the drawings, pictures, dimensions, material requirements and other information about your design, and our production team can develop the lights and lamps for you.

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