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Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are an important part of your home furniture. High-quality dining chairs allow you to build an impressive dining room. You will be proud of these attractive designs and enjoy watching and using these nice dining chairs;

Fuleague uses different materials to interpret these classic designs, modern plastic dining chairs, mid-century and modern wood dining chairs, metal and leather dining chairs, and dining chairs that combine different materials. In order to increase comfort, there are also upholstered kitchen & dining room chairs, which can meet your diversified needs;

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Modern Wood Dining Chair

The modern wood dining chair represented by Hans Wegener's design brings the natural gas of high-quality wood into your kitchen and dining room, combining modern solid wood processing technology on the basis of traditional craftsmanship, the shape and structure of modern wood dining chairs are more concise and beautiful;

Fuleauge only uses knotless high-quality logs and wood materials that have been dried at a constant temperature for a long time. After high-standard molding processing, surface polishing and lacquering, our solid wood dining room chairs present a delicate surface. At the same time, the interior of the solid wood maintains a low and constant humidity state to ensure that the chair is firm, reliable and durable.

We also use the most advanced CNC equipment to improve the accuracy and efficiency of product processing, so that our solid wood kitchen chairs meet high-quality standards while maintaining reasonable production costs. Let our customers have these high-quality all wood dining chairs at an affordable price.

Dining Plastic Chairs

The dining plastic chairs represented by the Eames series have brought the application of modern plastic injection technology in chair manufacturing to a new level;The plastic kitchen chairs have the advantages of simple shape, beautiful and fashionable, easy to move in weight, stackable, can be used both indoors and outdoors, with high precision of molding processing, high production efficiency, low cost, etc.It has been popular in the market since the Mid Century and has a trend of gradually replacing fiberglass chairs;

When Fuleague produces these plastic dining room chairs, only high-grade new plastic raw materials are used, and any recycled materials are rejected;We have also added microfiber materials to the plastic to greatly increase the strength of the chair and make it more durable;The surface of plastic outdoor dining chairs is also coated with anti-ultraviolet rays, so that the chair can be used outdoors for a long time;

The transparent acrylic dining chairs made of PC materials are also a choice you should consider, such as ghost chair, flora dining chair, Magis Vanity Chair and so on. These transparent dining chairs will make your guests shine and remember your dining room or restaurant deeply.

There are also different colors for your selection. Coloured plastic dining chairs in White, Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink and other colors will make your kitchen, dining room and event modern, stylish and full of vitality.

Should Dining Chairs Have Arms?

When you choose a dining chair for your restaurant or kitchen, you will find that some styles have both armrests and no armrests to choose from. For example, Grace dining chair and Grace dining armchair, So Should Dining Chairs Have Arms?

First of all, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of dining chairs with or without armrests. Cheap dining chairs with arms can lift the diners’ arms in time to keep them in a relaxed state. It can also easily move the position of the dining chair by holding the armrests with both hands while maintaining the sitting posture, and allow the hands to rest for a short while during the meal.

In addition, the enclosed space formed by the left and right armrests, the backrest and the dining table can protect the diners from falling off the seat, which is suitable for the elderly and children; The disadvantage of dining chairs with armrests is that they are larger in size, take up more space, and of course cost more. Fuleague has dining room chairs with arms for sale.

Compared with kitchen chair with arms, armless dining chair take up less space, are easier to place and move in weight, and are easier to enter the seat for dining, and the price is cheaper.

Therefore, you can decide whether to choose a dining chair with or without armrests according to your family, dining room and restaurant space. In short, the best choice is the one that suits you.

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