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  • Characteristics and Maintenance Methods of Leather Sofa



    In the process of modern home decoration, many families attach great importance to the decoration design of the living room, because the living room symbolizes the status of the occupants and reflects the taste of the occupants. The living room is the area where we spend a lot of time, and where we have fun. The decoration effect of the living room will directly affect the overall effect of the interior. When it comes to living room decoration, we have to mention the sofa, which plays a very important role in the living room.

  • Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Modular Sofa



    A sofa is the center of our living area. They set the mood and is the hero of any space. Searching for the best sofa can be quite a difficult feat and surprisingly challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. 

    Going for something timeless and versatile is the key. Modular sofas are becoming more and more popular these days. Thanks to their flexible design and modern accent that fits any interior perfectly. 

    Here are the top reasons you should choose a modular sofa for your home.

  • The Advantages of Leather Sofas and the Importance of Cleaning Leather Sofas



    In the process of modern home decoration, the decoration design of the living room is very important. The living room is the facade of the entire interior, and it also reflects the taste of the occupants. The well-decorated living room can directly affect the overall home effect. When it comes to living room decoration, we have to mention the sofa. Indeed, every family has a sofa in the living room, and we often have to sit on the sofa. The quality of sofa selection will also directly affect the overall effect of the living room. There are many types and materials of sofas on the market. Nowadays, many families choose leather sofas. What about leather sofas?

  • Repair and Treatment Methods for Aging, Hardening and Cracking of Leather Sofas



    Many people use leather sofas at home. Although leather sofas are durable, they also age. When the sofa ages, there will be small fine lines or large cracks on the surface. Although aging is a normal phenomenon, it is necessary to change a set of genuine leather. At least the sofa needs tens of thousands of oceans, and it is better to find a way to repair the leather sofa.

  • Le bambole sofa & couch replica by mario bellini | le bambole chair replica for sale | Fuleague



    The Bibambola and Granbambola sofas are part of the Le Bambole collection, originally designed in 1972 and awarded the Golden Compass in 1979. A symbol of timeless contemporary and one of the most effective expressions of Made in Italy excellence, Le Bibambole combines research and creative flair, Le Bambole offers a very personal answer to the theme of the seat. What sets them apart is the apparent lack of load-bearing structure, the extremely natural shape, and the combination of comfort, softness and elasticity that their appearance conveys. Originally based on metal structures embedded in polyurethane, the materials used are now of the latest generation, starting with recycled polyethylene to give the structure. Due to the choice of materials and construction methods, Le Bambole's components can be completely disassembled and therefore easily recycled, making it a sustainable project.

  • How to Identify the Genuine Leather Sofa and the Points That Need to Be Paid Attention to when Using It



    In order to make the interior decoration look more beautiful and beautiful, we will buy all kinds of furniture for the interior decoration. The sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture in our interior decoration. With the sofa, our home will not look so low-key, and when there are guests at home, we can also entertain guests on the sofa. There are also many types of sofas. Now leather sofas are more common at home. Leather sofas are loved by consumers with their unique advantages and are widely used in our lives. So how to identify genuine and fake leather sofa?

  • Ligne roset prado sofa by Christian Werner is a good choice for freedom space



    Prado sofa is designed by Christian Werner, Prado's design is firstly based on the study of lifestyle and human nature. The back cushions can be placed anywhere so that people can sit or lie down at will. It offers complete freedom because these pads, weighted and equipped with a non-slip system, do not need to be leaned against or attached to anything for support. So they can take a leisurely break on the floor around a low table, while the seat (cushion) doubles as a makeshift bed.

  • Camaleonda sofa by mario bellini | camaleonda sofa replica | Fuleague



    The Camaleonda Sofa was designed by Mario Bellini in the 1970s. Seat High density moulded injection PU foam is very comfortable. The modular design of the sofa, According to different space requirements, different modules can be combined into different sectional sofa or couch, the armrest and backrest can be freely disassembled, and the flexible combination brings a novel environmental experience.

  • What Are the Selecting Skills for Small Sleeper Couch?



    Small sleeper couch is a problem that we pay more attention to in interior decoration now. When we come home after a busy day and lie on our small sleeper couch, is it a very happy thing? So what are the purchasing skills of small sleeper couches?

  • Living Room Sofa Bed Selection Skills and Advantages



    In modern home decoration design, the decoration design of the living room is very important. The living room is the leader of the whole interior. The decoration effect of the living room directly affects the decoration effect of the whole interior, which symbolizes the taste and preferences of the occupants, and the living room is our entertainment and leisure. The area is a venue for receiving relatives and friends. When it comes to living room decoration, the sofa plays an extremely important role. Nowadays, many families choose sofa beds, which have many functions. So how to choose a sofa bed?